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Extraordinary Team-building

Posted: June 16, 2010

Written by: admin

Many times clients ask about unique, team building activities that they can offer their meeting attendees while in Overland Park.  One place I would highly recommend for its variety of activities is The Culinary Center of Kansas City, located in downtown Overland Park.  They handle small to large groups (up to 200 people) and offer many different types of events, including cooking classes, interactive dinner parties, team building exercises and private corporate catering.

 I had the pleasure of taking part in two team building events. The first was a Staff Luncheon Retreat for about 10-12 where we made our own lunch, and then a larger group event for over 100 in the Travel & Hospitality Industry for a themed cake decorating event.   At both events we were divided into smaller teams and given directions on what we were to accomplish with some interesting ingredients, props and a time limit to achieve the required results. We quickly learned to barter and trade with the other teams to get what we needed to make our items.  There was a lot of interaction with the individual teams, as well as, the whole group in a fun and challenging way.  The staff professionally and lovingly guided us though the whole process.  We learned a lot about how we worked individually and as a team. 

Now I will tell you the first event I attended was so much fun that I could not see how a larger group could achieve the same results.  I was surprised and extremely impressed with the outstanding job the staff did in handling a large group, every bit as well as a small one. Their professionalism and creativity made both events equally fun and rewarding.  They really make you feel welcome and pulled off each event with ease.  Plus, they will customize events to fit your group’s personality and budget. Try them for your next team building retreat or holiday party – I know you’ll love what you get!