The Star Spangled Spectacular in the Corporate Woods section of Overland Park is the region’s largest fireworks display. This is the 24th year for this terrific civic event put on by the city of Overland Park with the help of the OP Rotary club. Here are some insider tips for you to consider for making your experience that much more spectacular:


1. Get Some Wheels.

Borrow the neighbor kids’ little red wagon. Load up your coolers, and your portable radio, and lawn chairs, and blankets,

2. The Early Bird Catches The . . .

The event opens at 4pm but the crowds don’t start rolling in until around 6. If you plan on getting there at 5:30pm, you can find a parking space in the shade and listen to the live music that starts at 5:45pm. This might also be a good time to ‘plant’ some lawn chairs and a blanket in the seating area (check out the website below for the map).

3. Tune In.

Bring a portable radio and tune to either 710am or 103.7FM. Both stations will broadcast live and will play patriotic music to match the fireworks.

4. Hydrate.

Bring soft drinks and plenty of ice. You can’t bring in beer, but the Rotary tents sell beer, and yes it’s a little expensive (think ballpark), but all proceeds go to charity. (Actually, you can’t bring propane or charcoal grills or tents or fireworks either, but that’s understandable.) There are also loads of great food vendors if don’t want to go to the trouble of bringing your own.

5. Patience, My Friend.

Don’t try to leave the minute the fireworks are over. Give it 20 minutes and listen to another live band, The Atlantic Express, (made up of four singers, three horns and four rhythm players) is without a doubt one of the best dance bands in Kansas City! Keep in mind there will be 40,000-50,000 thousand people in and around Corporate Woods. The fireworks start pretty close to 9:40 (or when it’s good and dark) and last about 30 minute. So, plan on getting back to your car at around 10:30. Trust me, you will get home at about the same time and you will have a much more enjoyable experience.

There's a ton more information at Have a ‘blast’ at this year’s best ever fireworks display! I am sure it will be a night to remember. ~Amy