IPA. Lager. Stout. Whichever brew you prefer, the best kind is the one you make - that's right! At Brew Lab, located in Downtown Overland Park, you can brew your own beer.

Professional Brewing Experience 

Brew Lab provides everything you'd need to brew your beer on site. With the guidance of a Brewing Specialist, you can select to brew using the extract brewing method or the all-grain method. Extract brewing is a simplified, quicker version that would be great for first-timers. Then, decide what style of beer you'd like and the Brewing Specialist will develop the recipe to your liking.

Be the Brewmaster

With the expertly-crafted and customized recipe, you get to be in the driver's seat and select from a wide range of fresh ingredients, including over 120 grains, hops and malts. These ingredients will go through a milling process to ensure consistency. Not only is this a really cool, hands-on approach - you'll also learn a lot from Brew Lab. As you work your way through the brewing process, they'll educate you about the chemistry and history of the brewing process. Plan for about four hours of brewing time.


Pop the Top

You've put in all the tasty ingredients into the mix, now yeast joins the party. Its purpose is to eat the sugars and create the fermentation. After the soon-to-be-beer hangs out in the fermentation room for two weeks, it's ready for bottling or kegging. If you choose to bottle, another 10 days will be needed as the beer goes through a "bottle conditioning" phase - where the carbonation happens.