While it is easy to see what some of the great attractions in Overland Park are, it may be a bit more difficult to decide if it is the right place to go with your kids while on vacation. Worry no more! Check out our breakdown of the best places to take your kids depending on their age.


Attractions For Kids Ages 0-3

Whether your kiddo is still learning how to get around on their own or is moving nonstop, these two attractions are perfect for small kids.

At Deanna Rose, your kids can go on a wagon ride through the farm, learn about milking a cow, or even bottle feed a baby goat if they are adventurous enough. (Warning, these goats will be excited to see you.)

The Overland Park Arboretum gives you and your little one a place to slow down. Bring a stroller and take the kids for a walk through the arboretum, enjoy being in nature, and you can literally stop and smell the roses.



Attractions For Kids Ages 4-6

For the explorers in your crew, these attractions will get the creativity and imagination flowing.

Stop by Legoland in Kansas City during your next trip to Overland Park. For the kids who are always building their own masterpiece at home, they will love seeing a miniature version of Kansas City and getting tips from a Master Model Builder. Parents, be sure to wear shoes, it is safe to say we all know the feeling of stepping on a stray Lego with no shoes on. Woof.

Head to the Museum at Prairiefire and see the ever-popular T-Rex in the main lobby. From there, head into the Virtual Theater and throw on a VR headset. Here you will be able to experience some of the world’s most famous landscapes, all without leaving Overland Park.

Museum at Prairiefire LegoLand KC Mom and Daughter


Attractions For Kids Ages 7-10

Let’s turn up the excitement for these guys. Tell them grab a friend for the weekend (if you are up for it) and watch their independence shine through at these action-packed attractions.

You don’t have to be a child prodigy golfer to enjoy Topgolf. While the golfing aspect is definitely fun, the rumor is that the filled donuts are a big hit with the kids, and the adults. Ok, it isn’t a rumor, they are good.

Pack a couple of gloves for your trip and head out to The K and take in a Royals game. If you plan it right and head to a game on Sunday, the kids get to run the bases after the game. Make sure to get their picture in front of the 2015 World Series trophy while you are there.

topgolf  Royals fans at the K


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