If there were ever an ideal day to have brunch with your family, Easter would take the cake. Easter Brunch is a long-standing tradition for friends and families. Why? Because you can celebrate the day with people you love and have the luxury of avoiding cooking or cleaning. And if spring is in full swing, you may be able to sit on a patio to enjoy the sun on your face. 

Here are some great options for Easter Brunch this year.

Brass Onion – Enjoy comfort food at its finest by having Easter Brunch with Brass Onion this year. Now you can brunch by either dining in or getting carry-out and enjoying it on your couch.

Strang Hall – The only place in town where your party of four can all eat at four different restaurants while still sitting together. This is a great option to please everyone brunching this Easter.

Pinstripes – Who says Easter Brunch can’t be a little competitive? Grab some brunch and then play a little bocce to see who will be crowned the best in your family.

Barley’s – This Easter at Barley’s you can stop by anytime from 9 am - 4 pm to take advantage of the brunch buffet. And if that isn’t awesome enough, kids 3 and under are free.

Yaya’s – Make this year’s Easter Brunch a bit more international by brunching at this euro bistro. Oh yeah, they also have bottomless mimosas. Cheers!

McLain’s – Feeling a bit more low-key this Easter? Head to McLain’s Market, grab a coffee and a pastry and enjoy Easter Brunch in your jam-jams.

Louie’s Wine Dive – It is pretty obvious what one of the main selling points of Louie’s is… Wine. Sure you can brunch without wine, but if given the choice, choose wine. Every time. 

Shack – Kids love it, parents love it, and grandparents love it. At Shack, you’re in the right place for an Easter Brunch since those are the only two meals they serve, breakfast and lunch.


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