Bon Appetit

Recently, I was challenged by a co-worker to come up with a restaurant in Overland Park that begins with each letter of the alphabet.  I thought to myself that “this ought to be a piece of cake!”  Please excuse the pun – I couldn’t help myself!  Well, to tell you the truth it was rather difficult but not the in the way you may be thinking.  It wasn’t difficult finding restaurants whose name begins with a letter of the alphabet.  Okay, maybe the letters “Q,” “X” and “Z” gave me a run for my money but I persevered as you will see in my list.  The difficulty was narrowing down my list to just one restaurant for each letter of the alphabet.  Why?  Because Overland Park has so many fantastic restaurants for one to go and experience their cuisine!  Below is my list of Overland Park Restaurants from A to Z and I hope that you are inspired to try some of them.

If this leaves you hungry, visit our dining guide to satisfy your appetite. ~Rosemarie