Nuh uh, don’t hit that snooze button on a Saturday morning in Overland Park.

Come hungry to Downtown Overland Park because the early bird gets the donut. Head to DOP Donuts, opening bright and early at 6:30 AM, and get in line because DOP Donuts has quickly become a favorite. They sell out fast so believe us when we say the no-snooze is doing you a favor. The air-stream camper and colorful patio is adorable, but the donuts are the real reason to get out of bed. 

If the donuts don’t wake you up, one of Downtown OP’s coffee shops will take your sleepy-heads in. Parisi, Homer’s and Wild Way Coffee are all within walking distance. Which one is the best? That’s for you to decide.

Did you choose Wild Way Coffee? Then you already know where you’re headed next. The Overland Park Farmers' Market, also named "The Best Farmers' Market in Kansas" by both Cooking Light and Tripping, and has become the heart of the community for nearly 40 years.

From seasonal and unique produce sold by local farmers to fresh baked goods, soaps, and flowers. Still hungry? Food is never a problem at the Farmers’ Market. The grills are fired up with breakfast tacos, sausages, and even frites from the French tent (those are French fries, you Americans). Feel free to chat up the vendors. Learn their stories about the food you eat. The special thing about the farmers and small business owners at the Farmers’ Market is the sense of community and friendliness. Head to the OP Farmers' Market Instagram account to learn about the vendors you will meet.

Fresh Produce at the Overland Park Farmers' Market

Next, head to the clock tower so you won’t miss The Strawberry Swing in the center of Downtown OP. The Strawberry Swing is an indie craft fair. You’ll find handmade and vintage vendors, local live music, kids’ crafts, and seasonal activities. The Strawberry Swing was recently featured as one of the Top 35 Indie Craft Fairs in the World. You’ll find a range of industries and diverse backgrounds that showcase the talent of Kansas Citians. Clothing to candles, pottery to paintings, the Strawberry Swing will have something for everyone.

Oh, you’re not done in Downtown Overland Park. The backbone of the downtown are the brick-and-mortar shops. The best part of Downtown OP is the charming, small-town, walkable vibe with nearly 300 shops, restaurants, and services. Check out The General Store & Co. for a blend of snarky humor, home décor, seasonal items to drink mixes. Shop at Ten Thousand Villages and you'll also help support artisans from developing countries who earn a sustainable wage by creating merchandise for the Fair Trade, not-for-profit store.

Still hungry? Sure, you are. Downtown OP has become a sort of hot spot in culinary. The Culinary Center of Kansas City is in Downtown OP for all your cuisine shopping needs. They also offer cooking classes too. But if you’d rather be served, check out The Peanut’s wings – The Kansas City Star named them one of Kansas City’s most iconic dishes. If you’re hauling a bunch of picky eaters, go try Strang Hall – an upscale food cafeteria. Take your pick from six chef-run food concepts. Take a peek outside too. They have an awesome lawn filled with yard games. And if it’s a nice day, Strang Hall backs up to Thompson Park where the kids can play on the playground and water feature.

Like we said there are over 300 shops and restaurants to choose from to fill your Saturday. Leave the snooze button for Sunday.


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