Want to impress your travel partners while on your next trip to The Museum at Prairiefire? Commit these five fast facts to memory and you will be impressing everyone within earshot. Just don’t be alarmed if people think you work there with all the knowledge you will have.


We’ve all noticed the gorgeous colors of the outside of the museum. Dichroic glass, which is on the outside of the building, is actually NASA developed technology used on astronauts' helmets to reflect sunlight.


That giant dinosaur inside? It is one of three casts of its kind, and Barnum Brown, who discovered the T. rex species was from Kansas.


The ALIVE screen in the main lobby lets you make your own dinosaur, name it, and email it to yourself. Then, in a couple of minutes, it will appear on a giant screen and interact with you. Don’t get stepped on!


Did you know there are meteorites that are over 400,000,000 years old? Did you also know that you can hold one in your hand here?


Chinchillas love dust baths, and you can watch one (Chico is his name in fact) bathe himself.