Looking for some new things to do in Overland Park this Fall? Consider this list an early present for the holidays. Here are three new places to check out in Overland Park.


Game Show Battle Rooms

If you find yourself sitting around chanting “Big money, big money, big money!” or grew up wanting to say “One dollar, Bob,” then you need to check out Game Show Battle Rooms. Here you will literally be in the game show. Now you just need to find some friends or family members that you want on your team.



If you didn’t know that gourmet popcorn was a thing, you do now. Popculture recently opened in Downtown OP and comes bearing gifts. Those gifts would be the more than 60 flavors of popcorn. They even have a Buffalo State Pizza flavor! Popcorn not your thing, don’t worry, you can find some top-notch ice cream here as well.


Mr. Brews Taphouse

With roughly 40 beers on tap, Mr. Brews Taphouse is making a name for themselves with their variety of beer. Not only can you find practically any style of beer here, but you can pair it with a solid burger that you can customize to your liking. 

The next time you are looking for new places to go to or things to do in Overland Park, add these three to your list.