Where does one stop and the other begin?

For the four million visitors to the area each year, the line between Overland Park and Kansas City is blurred.

Think about it: When you travel, do you limit yourself to the boundaries of that specific city? Or do you flow in and out of the surrounding area?

If you’re like me, you’re more concerned with visiting the top attractions, events, shopping, dining and places to stay – not the specific city you enter in GPS.

That made us think, if travelers aren’t putting boundaries on their visits, why should we?

So we’re taking a cue from guests. We’re embracing the “no boundaries” approach by adding to our name. Nationally and regionally, we’ll go by KC|OP. Locally, we’ll continue to use Visit Overland Park.

It will work like this: If we’re in Chicago, we’ll use the KC|OP name because we want potential guests to know that visiting OP is a complimentary addition to their KC trip.

When promoting events here in the metro, though, we’ll continue using Visit Overland Park. Locally, our goal is to raise awareness of Visit Overland Park and to continue fostering hometown pride.

The new name honors KC for the travel destination it is, while keeping OP – the metro’s second largest city – top-of-mind.

Today’s OP is an affordable, safe and family friendly place to visit. Our city has one-of-a-kind entertainment, arts, recreation, sports, retail and dining options. Plus, it’s close to many of KC’s travel attractions.

Sure there’s a state line that runs between us. But that doesn’t stop visitors from going back-and-forth. Most travelers – like residents – cross that line many times during their visit and don’t know it.

As we think about the city’s travel and tourism offerings of tomorrow, there’s only one word I can think of to describe OP’s potential: limitless.