Welcome to Overland Park! America’s largest inhabited park. You won’t find geysers or bears here but you will find trendy boutiques, saucy burnt ends, great adventures, and friendly Rangers. All parks have Rangers and that’s where you come in.

Exploring the park is easy with the Overland Park Ranger Badge Book! Pick a trail and discover the park-like-city we call home. Get prizes and discounts along the way. At ten check-ins, you earn an Overland Park sticker. At 20 check-ins, a free Overland Park poster. And at 30, check-ins, a free Overland Park coffee mug.

How? It’s easy -- And free!

1. Sign up here.  

2. Get the text to access your Badge Book. Bookmark the link to your phone and you’re in. That’s it.

3. Now get out there and start checking-in at the awesome participating Overland Park businesses. AND -- some include discounts too!

Choose to discover Overland Park through the trails or pick as you go. You just need ten, twenty, and thirty check-ins to earn your prizes. Or you can become the ultimate Ranger and complete each trail. Are you ready? Start your adventure on one of these trails now.


Adventurer Badge

There’s no such thing as boredom in The Park! Grab some friends and lead the way to the Adventurer Badge.


Caffeine Camper Badge

WAKE UP! Awake yet? These caffeine hot spots (or iced spots) will earn you a Caffeine Camper Badge.


Junior Ranger Badge

Leave the “entertainment director” part of parenting to the Junior Ranger Badge.


Patio Lookout Badge

Good food? Yes. But the Patio Lookout Badge is mostly about the people watching. 


Pitmaster Badge

The smoker is always fired up with the Pitmaster Badge with a backyard neighbor like Kansas City.


Sugar Rush Badge

Life is sweeter with the Sugar Rush Badge.


Trail Hiker Badge

After that Sugar Rush Badge, get yourself a Trail Hiker Badge too.


Treasure Hunter Badge

There are treasures to be found in The Park with the Treasure Hunter Badge!


Ranger tip! To add an “app” on your iphone, open up your bookmarked Badge Book link in Safari. Click on the center icon on bottom (looks like a square with an arrow pointing up). Scroll down, click “Add to Home Screen.” 


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