We chatted with four of the best-known chefs in Overland Park to dish about all things food in Overland Park. With so many dining options, Overland Park is quickly becoming a culinary hub in our region. So we had to ask:

As a chef, where do you go for the best meal in town?


Rob Magee – Founder and Executive Chef of Q39

"We’ve enjoyed outstanding celebrations at J. Gilbert's. From family birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations we love the outstanding food and great service.  My favorite meal is the seared sea scallops with lobster risotto. Fresh and light and loaded with flavor."

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Q39 is one of Overland Park's newest BBQ restaurants. With a focus on BBQ and other made from…



Ann Riensin – Owner of I Am Frozen Dessert Café

"The salt and pepper squid at ABC Cafe. They know how to make squid over there and the amount of spice is just right."

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Chris Rohde – Executive chef of The Brass Onion

"Besides everything at The Brass Onion?! 😊 Q39 has a new Pork Belly Sandwich that is seriously life changing. The smokiness of pork belly is only enhanced by the decadence of the meat. It is so rich and paired perfectly with the buttery brioche. The herb aioli brings a touch of freshness to brighten everything up."

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Brass Onion

If you're looking for a delicious spot for all kinds of eaters, Brass Onion is the place to go!…



Leonice and Edson Ludwig – Owners and Executive Chef of Porto do Sul

Leonice: "The filet mignon with a side of mac-and-cheese at J. Alexander’s.  The combination was so good — it inspired me."

Edson: "A whole slab of ribs with their seasoned french fries at Joe’s Kansas City. Some of the best ribs and fries I’ve ever had!"

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Don’t take their word for it though, go try out some of these great places on your next Overland Park vacation.