Last week, my coworker and I decided to try one of the newest restaurants in Overland Park – Pita Pit. Being Greek, I was especially excited for this new restaurant to open! You may have asked yourself, “What in the world is a Pita Pit?”  The Pita Pit is a unique take on the fast food sandwich shop. 

What’s different? 

It’s all in the pita bread!   Their sandwiches are served in either white or whole wheat pita bread.  You can select specialty sandwiches - they offer both traditional sandwiches, as well as breakfast options. While the menu is not completely Greek, they offer some good options to those looking for this style of food and several that are not interested in a Greek menu. If they don't have the perfect pita for you, you can choose to build your own pita, make it a salad or choose a soup instead. The Pita Pit also offers a kids menu and will cater.

I tried the Chicken Souvlaki sandwich which is Mediterranean-seasoned chicken, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, feta cheese topped with tzatziki sauce. 

It was delicious! 

My coworker tried their Buffalo Chicken (Grilled chicken breast in buffalo sauce, romaine lettuce, onions, melted provolone cheese and honey mustard) but she had it made “Fork Style,” which means it is made as a salad. Fork Style is a great option for the gluten-free crowd. I'm happy to report that she gobbled it right up!

Coming soon to Pita Pit is the Big Chief!  It will be “The Local” sandwich made with Philly Steak and Chicken Souvlaki with grilled onions, mushrooms and peppers topped with their “Secret Sauce.”  Yum!

I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be like but I was pleasantly surprised on how well prepared the staff was at quickly serving a long line of customers and for being open for just three days.  The staff is very friendly and you’ll interact with them while selecting from the menu.  Also, the atmosphere is fun to sit down and enjoy your food while listening to some ‘70s rock music (my personal favorite). Will I go again? Absolutely!

Would I recommend you try it? Definitely!

The Pita Pit exceeded my expectations! I'm sure you'll be equally impressed - try it and let me know what you think. ~Rosemarie