BOOM! Hissssss. It's that time. Overland Park's Star Spangled Spectacular in Corporate Woods is the region’s largest fireworks display. This is the 30th year for this event put on by the City of Overland Park. If you're a planner -- and you probably are if you have kids -- here are some insider tips for making your experience that much more spectacular: 

The Early Bird Catches The Great View

Indian Creek Parkway will close around 7 PM and the fireworks will begin at approximately 9 PM and last about 45 minutes. Crowds normally start rolling in around 6 PM. Visitors can park in the open parking lots behind building 40 or in any open Corporate Woods parking lot.

Get Some Wheels

Borrow the neighbor kids’ little red wagon. Load up the baseball wagon. Find something to help load your gear because you'll need quite a few hands. Pack up your coolers filled with snacks, drinks, lawn chairs, and picnic blankets. This year, you might need to pack a little more than just snacks so make sure you swing by a grocery store and grab a few sandwiches from the deli plus extra goodies. All food trucks, drink vendors, and live entertainment are prohibited this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hydrate and Stay Cool

July in Overland Park can be scorching. Make sure you dress light. And make sure you're well hydrated. You have a long, great night ahead of you! Pack  water, juice, sparkling water, and plenty of ice. It's not a bad idea to come with sunscreen already on if you're there early enough. And don't forget the bug spray too! Alcohol is prohibited at Corporate Woods. Pop-up tents are also prohibited.

Patience, My Friend.

Don’t try to leave the minute the fireworks are over. Give it 20 minutes before you leave. So, plan on getting back to your car at around 10:30. You will get home at about the same time and you will have a much more enjoyable experience.

Sign up for text message alerts about this event by texting “OPSTAR” to 888777. More information can be found here. Have fun! And Happy 4th!