Your Valentine’s Day might be spent between the same walls you’ve become so familiar with these past few years, but try thinking inside the box, the take-out box that is, to spice up your celebration. Local restaurants in Overland Park are making it easy to bring the special occasion home. Our picks for great take-out and loads of romantic food puns below.



When you're going all out, you gotta get all the food. Start with the apps! Put the cute in charcuterie for your valentine. These restaurants know how to send it home to make it easy for you to set up.



Ever since Lady and the Tramp’s snouts met while eating spaghetti and meatballs, Italian food has been synonymous with romance. Not to mention the whole dreamy country and culture of Italy. We could go on and on, but the moral of the story is that counting carbs is not important on Valentine’s day, you must penne away!



Sticking to the classics is an excellent choice to wow your loved one. You can't get more American than a perfectly seared steak with crispy potatoes with a side of delectably grilled veggies. All that melted butter will surely melt your  Valentine's heart.



Dial up the heat and give them something to taco-bout with a little Mexican cuisine. This comfort food is a take-out home run for your special night. A little spice makes things nice and we haven’t even mentioned the to-go margaritas yet!



Overland Park has some heavy hitters when it comes to Asian food. From Thai to Chinese, Korean and more your Valentine’s take-out partner will be happy to indulge. Dim sum sharing is caring.



Honestly, there is no bad time for barbecue if you are in Overland Park, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s smokin’ and sweet, and all about the meat. (No, we’re not thinking Arby’s.)



All you need is love, but a little dessert doesn’t hurt.


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Valentine's Take-Out Done Right