This is the year -- you’ll plan-ahead and wow your date with a thoughtfully curated and romantic Valentine’s. But where to start? We’ve compiled this list of activities to help, because the best and most romantic Valentine’s gift is time together.


1. Take In “Queer Abstraction” at The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

From the sleek architecture and lighting to the alluring art, the Nerman is overflowing with romantic vibes. Their current exhibition, “Queer Abstraction” features the work of twenty artists who convey the complexities of sexuality and gender identity. Talk about a conversation starter.

2. Impress with Dinner at a Special Restaurant

Valentine’s dining menus for two are abundant around the metro, but the romantic nature of oysters lands Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in KC a spot on our list. The chic atmosphere combined with their extensive raw bar make you the hero who found the perfect date spot.

3. Get Physical with an Activity in OP

Couples that belay together stay together, right? You’ve heard of trust falls as a relationship builder, but how about trusting your date to keep you suspended 42 feet in the air? Emerald City gym in Overland Park offers rock climbing day passes at $13 a person, plus gear.

4. Eat Sweets With Your Sweetie

What is more romantic than dessert for two? The desserts at I Am Frozen Dessert Café in OP are as stylish as they are mouthwatering, and you can’t find them anywhere else. Their airy shaved ice makes indulging seem a little lighter, and their honey toast is what dreams are made of.

5. Get Down and Dirty

Maybe romance in your eyes looks more like a greasy cheeseburger. This is Cowtown country after all. Try Downtown OP’s tried and true classic little diner, Snack Shack for thin seasoned patties with a caramelized crust, or Unforked for their Akaushi burger, made from Japanese Akaushi beef, said to be healthier and tastier than traditional blends. 

6. Get Tickets to The Kansas City Symphony

Be enchanted by the poetic mysticism of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic rock hits being played by the classic Kansas City Symphony. An unexpected pairing sure to give you hair-raising goosebumps, and decidedly romantic memories. This show is only on Friday, February 14th.

7. Take a Cooking Class Together

A sizzling conversation or the ingredients on a stove, a pinch of salt or a pinch on a cheek, spicing up the food or the relationship. I could go on and on. The point is, romance and cooking go hand in hand. Cooking together is fun and you can do it at the Culinary Center of Kansas City, located in Downtown Overland Park.