Of all the cities and suburbs in Kansas and Missouri, Overland Park sports the greatest number and variety of golf courses. For residents, this is a veritable smorgasbord of golfing options, as golfers in the area can rotate through a great variety of different courses every month or even weekend.

If you’re from out of town, though, you don’t have time to try out all the golf courses in the Kansas City area. That will take you weeks, and to really get to know the courses, it will take you months. Of course, that’s why you’re reading this; you want to hit the best golf courses in Kansas City now, which is where golf course reviews come in.

The best golf courses by state standards vary, as each state has its own particular offerings. Fortunately, the demographics and geography lend themselves to creating some truly awesome courses. Surprisingly, the golf course rates in the area are quite low; what is pricey in the Northeast or out West can get a lot more affordable once you come to Overland Park.

Before you try any other golf course in the Kansas City area, you need to go to Sycamore Ridge Golf Course. With a back tee slope rating of 150, Sycamore Ridge is a serious challenge to any golfer, but it is also an incredibly beautiful, well cared for course that will thrill you even as it frustrates you. Better yet, Sycamore Ridge is refreshingly friendly to individuals planning a golf trip, with tee off reservations available online. You can even open up your own profile on their website, to make your return to Sycamore Ridge all the easier in the future.

Not Just a Golf Course

Creekmoor Golf Club is only a little easier to approach with a back tee slope rating of 145. Fortunately, Creekmor offers more than just golf, but rather a full vacation package fit for your whole family. All the amenities you would expect at a top of the line hotel are available, from exercise room to pool, but you’re not limited there either. Many golfers choose to spend their time off the course out on the lake, kayaking, swimming, or just enjoying the scenery. Regardless of what you’re doing to unwind after a long, challenging day of golf, Creekmor always has more to offer.

A Unique Golf Experience

Stone Canyon Golf Club’s back tee slope rating of 144 lives up to its reputation, a reputation that began just after it opened when it was named one of the “Best New Courses You Can Play.” Stone Canyon’s course is uniquely and carefully sculpted to provide a different experience on the green and between the bunkers, and you’ll find it refreshing after the many other courses you’ll be visiting on your golf tour.

Some Variety on the Green

Sporting an idyllic and manicured course, Kansas City’s Ironhorse Golf Club is a beautiful place to take in some repose between tee-offs. The design of Ironhorse’s layout was intended to capture and maintain the natural geography of the course, and every effort has been made to maintain it. Group golf events and ample learning centers make Ironhorse a great destination for experienced golfers and their less-experienced friends or family. While you’re tackling that 143 back tee slope rating, they can start trying to catch up to your golfing expertise.

Where Do You Go for the Golfer Who Has Been Everywhere?

Finally, Drumm Farm Golf Club has it all: a fantastic hotel, renowned clubhouse, leagues and tournaments, an attentive and knowledgeable staff, and a beautiful course. If you’re looking for an all-around fantastic golf tour experience, you can’t pass up Drumm Farm. Why pick one, though? Stay a stretch at several of these amazing courses and learn what the Overland Park area has to offer for the discerning golfer. ~T.M.

Our guest blogger, T.M. Loyd, is a freelance writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has been published across the web on topics ranging from landscaping to web security and all points in-between. He is schooled in finance, international relations, literature, consumer issues, and education, among many, many other disciplines. And, is an avid golfer!