Ask a Chef - Ann Riensin


Have you ever wanted to ask a chef for some personal recommendations? Well, now you don't have to because we have done it for you. Check out our interview with Ann Riensin of I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe.


Q - Tell us a little bit about your role at your restaurant. What makes it special and what do you feature.

A - My name is Ann Riensin, I am the owner of I AM frozen dessert cafe. Our cafe features two types of Asian inspired desserts. One being the shaved ice-cream. Shaved ice cream has a unique texture and taste. It has the fluffiness of shaved ice and the creaminess of ice cream married together in one bite. Many say that the texture is more like snow which we agree. We make many flavors, the popular ones are Oreo, Berry Cheesecake, Mango, and Coffee.

Secondly, we also serve the honeytoast. Honeytoast is a one of a kind dessert that I’ve came across the first time in Thailand. It was one of those moments when I tried it for the first time and fell in love. I knew we had to serve this in our cafe when we conceptualized it.

We use Japanese milk bread and coat it with our honey caramel sauce before toasting it to perfection and then served with condensed milk and different flavors of ice cream on top. The texture of the bread is so unique and fluffy. Many of our customers have come just for this bread alone. It is truly amazing.

My role at the cafe is to make sure everyone is happy with their experience, from the time they walked in, eat the dessert, and leave. We created this cafe as a space for people to come and feel good about themselves and for families to come hang out. We also have a lot of out of towners who visited us and absolutely loved us.


Q - What is the one thing you would recommend someone to eat at your restaurant?

A - One of my favorite honeytoasts is “I am Special”. It’s the honeytoast with cookie and cream icecream and Oreo on top. This one is very popular and is one of my personal favorites. It is to die for.


Q - What’s the best thing you have ever eaten in Overland Park? What made it so memorable?

A - The salt and pepper squid at ABC cafe. They know to make squid over there and the amount of spice is just right.


Q - If you have friends in from out of town, what Overland Park restaurant is at the top of your list to recommend?

A - ABC cafe, Sushi Uni, Sushi House, Pad Thai restaurant. I love Asian food and Chinese and Japanese food is up there on the list.


Q - Any thoughts on the culinary scene in Overland Park you would like to share with visitors from out of town?

A - Overland Park has a unique culinary scene, there are many hidden gems in the area. Even though, it may not get as much of the limelight as downtown KCMO area or the plaza but it is secretly growing. If you know where to go, you may not have to drive as far to experience amazing cuisine.


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