Ask a Chef - Chris Rohde


Have you ever wanted to ask a chef for some personal recommendations? Well, now you don't have to because we have done it for you. Check out our interview with Chris Rohde of The Brass Onion.


Q - Tell us a little bit about your role at your restaurant. What makes it special and what you feature.

A - I am the Executive Chef for The Brass Onion. I create the delicious dishes we are known for, introducing new flavors and presentations on a weekly basis in our weekend features menu. I work closely with ownership to identify items that should be brought on board as regular menu items based on seasonality, flavor profile and demand from our guests. I am great at thinking outside of the box but still creating approachable and comforting dishes to stay within the theme of the restaurant. I am a wizard with seafood and take the time to really give the fresh product we bring in the respect and attention it deserves day in and day out.


Q - What is the one thing you would recommend to someone to eat at your restaurant?

A - There are so many things we are known for, Mr B's Fried Chicken is definitely a fan favorite. Our famous cornbread will knock your socks off but I think one dish that is worthy of mentioning is our Double Cut Iowa Pork Chop. These beautiful chops are hand cut and house brined giving them a tenderness and background flavor that is makes the pork sing. The roasted mushrooms bring an earthiness and comforting element to the dish and the finishing of the smoked gouda mornay is so creamy and velvety it ties everything together. Each element of the dish is delicious on its own, but together it’s seriously the stuff dreams are made of.


Q - What’s the best thing you have ever eaten in Overland Park? What made it so memorable?

A - Besides everything at The Brass Onion?! 😊 Q39 has a new Pork Belly Sandwich that is seriously life changing. The smokiness of pork belly is only enhanced by the decadence of the meat. It is so rich and paired perfectly with the buttery brioche. The herb aioli brings a touch of freshness to brighten everything up.


Q - If you have friends in from out of town, what Overland Park restaurant is at the top of your list to recommend?

A - J Alexander’s


Q - Any thoughts on the culinary scene in Overland Park you would like to share with visitors from out of town?

A - We are in the heart of the Midwest so of course you are going to find some amazingly delicious BBQ dishes, but open your mind to other possibilities. We have so many amazing restaurants that showcase dishes that you wouldn’t expect in this area. You can find amazing Vietnamese, Thai, African, Indian, Korean, Latin, American, Mediterranean or Italian (I could go on and on) places that will bring you an experience unlike any other you have had before. People care a lot about the food they put in front of you and want your experience to be amazing and you will taste that.


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