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Sage Bites

Sage Bites LLC

  • Overview
  • Close your eyes. Think back to one of your favorite memories. Where were you? Who were you with? What did you eat? When I answer those questions, I can almost taste that first bite of the pimento I spent all afternoon helping Grandma make…

    To this day, every time I get a taste of pimento cheese, I remember those times and I remember my grandma…

    Food is special in that way. It can help you remember; help you hold on and revisit those memories from long ago or far away, wherever you are.

    I’m Micah Wickstrom, owner of Sage Bites, lover of food, and resident food artist. My “foodie heart” especially loves harvest tables and cheese boards. Their gorgeous colors, textures, and flavors allow me to fill every plate to overflowing with love and art and really, really delicious food.

    At Sage Bites, our goal is to create food that creates connection. We hope our friends connect to our food through flavor and beauty and surprise. We also hope they connect to each other, through shared plates and laughter and newly created memories.

    It is with this vision that my family (DJ, Jay and Kaymen) and I set out on an adventure to share our love of the beauty found in food.

    You are cordially invited you to join us!