Ikea 2


Perched just off of Interstate 35 in nearby Merriam, Kan., IKEA’s iconic blue and yellow sign and sprawling 349,000-square-foot store is instantly recognizable to admirers of the value-driven Swedish furniture and home interior brand.

Since its highly anticipated opening in 2014, IKEA Merriam continues to draw crowds of shoppers who covet IKEA’s appealing combination of design and function at accessible price points. Additionally, IKEA Merriam offers in-store services like kitchen planning with a Certified Professional Kitchen Planner, including a personal session and a detailed layout complete with a 3D view drawing. 

If you haven’t been to an IKEA store, we’ve got some tips (thanks in part to pointers offered by IKEA). First and foremost? Wear comfortable shoes—it’s a big store! If you’re planning to buy furniture, be sure to measure your space before you shop. And don’t miss IKEA’s shopping tools, including tape measures, pencils and shopping lists. You’ll need to buy a shopping bag at the checkout (they’re cheap). And if you’re worried about space to take everything home, don’t be. IKEA furniture comes flat-packed, a more environmentally approach that helps minimize packaging waste. 

While you’re there, don’t miss the Marketplace, filled with an astounding selection of affordably-priced home and kitchen accessories and décor. And if you need to stop and take it all in, swing by the café for a snack or meal, including the store’s signature Swedish meatballs. There’s a grocery section on the first level, too, so you can stock up on frozen favorites and pantry staples.