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At Overland Park


We believe we’re all better off when more time is spent together. That way when we meet again, it feels like a summer camp reunion. We make the magic happen, so you can focus on one another. Call-you-by-name service? That’s us. Unexpected spaces for collaborative learning or kickin’ your feet up? Got ‘em. 



we are here

Where we are is smack in the middle of the map. What we’re not is flyover country. We are everything the coasts wish they were -- adventure, innovation, culture and flavor together with friendly smiles, familiar faces and unwavering community.

be more together

We have the secret sauce to creating memorable experiences together. And we don’t just mean our world-famous barbecue -- but there’s that, too. We’re full of surprises and right up the road. We’ll see you when you get here.


Overland Park Sports Illustration

why overland park?

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Eric Olson
Vice President of Sports Tourism & Events
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Vice President of Marketing