Brewfest Beer Sampling

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Upcoming Events

A Tribute Concert to the Music & Marriage of Johnny and June


THE NEW THEATRE PRESENTS a tribute concert to the music & marriage of JOHNNY & JUNE... see more

Dino O’Dell 'Dinosaur O’Dell’s Build a Better World!'


Hey kids -- The Midwest Trust Center has a Kids Jam Series! Join Dino O’Dell for an adventure around... see more

Johnson County Home and Garden Show


The Johnson County Home + Garden Show is a vibrant marketplace where you can shop for home-related... see more

Emily Dix at Pinstripes


This winter, Pinstripes offers a specially curated list of local musicians featured every Wednesday... see more

Blake Gardner and the Farmers at Pinstripes


Enjoy some live music with your dinner or cocktails at Pinstripes! Blake Gardner & The Farmers... see more