Overland Park Soccer

Overland Park Sports

Within the vibrant sports community of the Kansas City metro area, Overland Park has emerged as a popular destination for a variety of sporting events and competitions. The city is home to a number of world-class facilities that host everything from baseball and softball games and tournaments to cheer and dance competitions, lacrosse, volleyball and more. These fully equipped facilities not only offer expertly maintained playing surfaces and equipment—they’re also located near dining, lodging and entertainment. Gather the family and have a post-game dinner at one of Overland Park’s family-friendly restaurants. Or celebrate a victory with ice cream for everyone. Have some free time between games or matches? Head over to Prairiefire for shopping, dining and the Museum at Prairiefire, an interactive learning destination that’s a whole lot of fun, too. Pack your gear and we’ll see you in the stands!


Upcoming Events

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    BIG Sonia Moving Screening
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    Avenue Q
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