Right outside of Kansas City, you’ll find Overland Park. Which turns out, is America's largest inhabited park. From trendy boutiques and saucy burnt ends, to adrenaline-fueled rides, culture, history, and outdoors, we are your gateway to the ultimate Kansas City experience. So, what do you say? Are you ready to have some fun in The Park?

What you will find in The Park:

  • Great shopping, dining, and museums
  • Acres of beautiful green space
  • Attractions for the whole family
  • Great location right next to Kansas City

What you won’t find in The Park:

  • Geysers
  • 10,000 foot mountain peaks
  • Bears



Local Flavor

Travel like a local during your visit - and experience the best in shopping, dining and entertainment.


From food to fashion and art to jewelry, Overland Park has it all.

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