For many, starting a family means a change of lifestyle and priorities. That often results in moving to a different city or community with family-friendly amenities such as larger homes, more playgrounds, better schools, and child care facilities. Many of the top 10 cities are midsized, located within a larger metropolitan area, benefit from great employment opportunities and access to quality health care, and offer a more laid-back feel with many natural attractions and museums. Read on for a list of the best places to live for families.

1. Fremont, California


2. Overland Park, Kansas

Rated as one of the best places to live in the U.S. overall by, this Midwestern city located just south of Kansas City has plenty in store for families. It's home to the best-rated school district in Kansas, Blue Valley, and offers all the amenities families seek: great parks, excellent health care, and ample job opportunities. And unlike many similar communities, homes here come at relatively affordable rates. At the time of publishing, the median home value in Overland Park was about $413,000. Just keep in mind that for-sale homes only stay on the market for four days on average.

Museum at Prairie Fire Overland Park Event Space


3. Irvine, California

4. Plano, Texas

5. South Burlington, Vermont


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