Overland Park Restaurants 


Get ready to dive into Overland Park's diverse food and drink scene, where your taste buds are in for a treat! 

Just a short drive from BBQ mecca Kansas City, we've got our own lip-smacking barbecue scene. And a melting pot of international flavors, all thanks to our sweet spot in the Midwest. Whether you're in search of good drinks and vibes at our breweries and wineries or a specific meal (our weekend brunches are legendary), you'll find the perfect bites and sips to satisfy your taste buds at our watering holes and restaurants in Overland Park. And for those moments when you need a caffeine fix, our cozy coffee shops and roasteries have got you covered.

From the bustling streets of Downtown OP to the vibrant hubs of Prairiefire and Oak Park Mall, we've curated the best places to eat in Overland Park so you can skip the search and dive straight into the delicious part. So, pack your appetite, pull up a chair, and discover the unique flavors and experiences that make Overland Park a foodie destination.


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