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march madness

While we wouldn’t consider Overland Park a “college town” in the traditional sense, it hosts its fair share of college hoop fans with the Big 12 Tournament being hosted in nearby Kansas City. So, if you enjoy college hoops and let’s be real - nearly everyone is taking a shot at filling out a


When you go to get Mexican, do you decide the restaurant based on the food or the margaritas? We're gonna take a wild guess and say margaritas usually win. Much like duct tape, a good margarita fixes everything. Through great sacrifice and arduous testing (hey, somebody’s got to do it), we

OP barbecue

We all get set in our ways, and the New Year is a perfect time to shake things up a little. Everyone loves frequenting – and debating over – their favorite barbecue spots, but you never want to get in a rut. Even if it’s a mouthwateringly delicious rut. So, in the spirit of personal growth, we’re