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Overland Park Happy Hours

January 19, 2023 1:00 PM by Julie Burton



Who says grabbing a few beers is reserved for the weekend? Not Jimmy Buffet, that’s for sure. We rounded up some of the best happy hours in Overland Park. Whether you're working in Overland Park or here for some rest and relaxation, you'll find some good deals during the happiest hours of the day.



This February, as we’re surrounded by ads for greeting cards, jewelry and flowers, let’s recall the wise words of the modern poet, Miley Cyrus, when she insightfully stated, “I can love me better than you can.” February 13 is Galentine’s Day, a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends. Ladies, there’s no need for us to wait on another to treat us with love and affection … in a relationship or not, we can show love to ourselves and spend time with our closest friends.