Visit Overland Park Insider, Cynthia Malone, shares some of her go-to low-maintenance house plants from Family Tree Nursery.

Taking a stroll through Family Tree Nursery on a gorgeous summer day and finding treasures to decorate my home is one of my favorite things in life. I never imagined I would become a plant lady, but here I am, thanks to Family Tree. With over 50 years of experience, they offer knowledgeable staff and over five acres to explore. Here are my favorite low-maintenance houseplants that I hope become yours as well.   

ZZ Plant

It’s so EAZY – they call it the ZZ. I don’t know if that’s true, but you’ll surely remember this plant now. I love enjoying its beauty without the burden of remembering to water it weekly. In fact, it thrives on indirect light; and thriving it is. So much so, new buds are springing up. I bought a second and then a third. Starting at $19.99 for a baby and up to $55 for a larger one, they are a brilliant investment.

ZZ Plant


The Snake Plant

We all know and love the snake plant. They give a cool aesthetic, highly instagrammable and, like the ZZ plant, require little to no attention. They are perhaps the most tolerant of the plants. I’ll admit I’ve neglected mine for weeks and it still looks fresh. Snake Plants also keep the air inside your home clean and remove toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. If you need a low-maintenance plant with high-maintenance looks, this houseplant is the one for you.

Snake plant


 Cast Iron Plant

Slow-growing, hearty and easy to please, the Cast Iron plant may be what you need to spruce up your home. A north-facing window away from direct light is ideal and outdoors. They thrive best in full shade. Watering should be regular to keep the soil moist, but over-watering can cause root-rot so to let the soil dry out a bit before watering again. Moderate humidity and a balmy temp of 60-75 degrees is perfect for the Cast Iron so repot indoors before temperatures drop below 50 degrees. These plants also do great with propagation so if you love it, you can grow more for less cost.

Cast Iron Plant


Peperomia or Baby Rubber Plant

This houseplant is great for beginner green-thumbs like me. These plants live best with medium to bright indirect light (even fluorescent lighting) and meagre amounts of water. Lower light means slower growth and less watering; brighter light means it will need a bit more attention. Still, these plants are susceptible to over-watering, so less is more in this case. When it is time to water, use chopsticks to gently poke holes in the soil around the plant. Add water slowly until the water drains out of the pot. As for soil, a lighter one, like Orchid Bark Mix, is perfect for the Peperomia. In the summer, fertilizing your plant goes a long way. There are over a thousand varieties of this plant, so your options are endless!



Chinese Evergreen

Poor lighting and dry air are no match for the Chinese Evergreen. This beautiful houseplant is perfect for low or indirect sunlight with a room temperature of at least 60 degrees, but up to 72 if possible. Moderate watering is ideal, kind of like the Goldilocks of houseplants; not too much and not too little. Root rot can set in if over-watered, so check that the first two inches of the soil is dry before watering again. The Chinese Evergreen is also great at keeping your air clean and free from toxins. Use a peat-based potting mix and a pot with adequate drainage holes and you’re all set!

chinese evergreen



Ferns are certainly a showstopper and can add pizazz anywhere you put them. For being so flexible, they can thrive indoors or outdoors as long as they have low to bright indirect light, they can stay lush all year round. Don’t let the soil ever dry-out completely, so watering every day if it’s a dry season might be necessary. Most ferns dislike the cold, but the type of fern determines what it can handle. If you need to repot, do so in the springtime and in the summer. Be sure to feed your fern with a small amount of liquid fertilizer every few weeks. To enjoy your beautiful fern year-round, mist often to keep them glistening.




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