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Camelot Ballroom

Camelot Ballroom

  • Overview
  • Camelot Ballroom is a spacious ballroom & dance studio.

    The Camelot Ballroom is a gorgeous event space with a 11,000 sq. ft. building and a 6,000 sq. ft. floating hardwood dance floor. The main ballroom holds 500+ guests or has room for 40 tables.

    The Camelot Ballroom will provide catering and bar services. With beautiful decorations including three tiered chandeliers, 15 ft windows, two flat screen TVs, reception foyer, stage, and canopied main entrance, your guests will be sure to remember.

    Not interested in an event space?

    Come learn to dance! Camelot Ballroom hosts multiple dance parties and open-dances every week so you can show off your skills and enjoy the music. If you need to brush up on some steps or are just a beginner, there are lots of classes to help get you on the dance floor.