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Visit Overland Park is a 501c6 Destination Marketing Organization that also serves as the official marketing organization for the city of Overland Park, Kansas. The organization is responsible for promoting the community as a vibrant and inviting place to visit and as a dynamic place to live and work.  Through the impact of visitation, Visit Overland Park strengthens the community’s economic future and provides more opportunities for the people of Overland Park. The organization is primarily funded through transient guest tax of hotels and short-term rentals. 


Improve the quality of life for all Overland Park residents through the economic and community benefits of tourism.    


Visit Overland Park will be the destination brand steward of Overland Park and help nurture the community to be an excellent place to visit, live and work.  

We are people with a passion – a passion for the amazing community that is Overland Park. A city of inquisitive minds, inclusive spirits with an energetic and sophisticated vibe. We share Overland Park’s story far and wide. And we welcome others to experience our inviting and beautiful city.      


  • Grow our local economy through overnight and same-day visitation   
  • Share comprehensive, informative, and easy-to-access information with visitors via modern media channels  
  • Spearhead, conduct and analyze destination research   
  • Act as destination research and data steward for the community  
  • Provide expert service and support to qualifying events  
  • Lead and collaborate on all place-making initiatives
  • Attract sporting events and competitions to the community  

Visit Overland Park is dedicated to creating economic impact through tourism and visitor experiences. The effects of our "invisible industry" benefit everyone living in Overland Park in key areas including jobs, talent attraction and retainment, community services and improved quality of life.   


Based on 2018 data, 5 million visitors contributed $808 million dollars in total business spending, which supported more than 11,981 full-time equivalent jobs in Overland Park, generating more than $455 million in labor income alone.

In the absence of the state and local taxes generated by tourism, each Overland Park household would need to pay $1,200 to maintain the current level of government services and would not experience the same level of dining, attraction, and shopping options. 

Tourism is often the first impression of a community for potential business investors and innovators. It is often these types of people who become residents and, in turn, expand our intellectual capacity and growth. The work of Visit Overland Park significantly contributes to the impactful impression of the greater Overland Park area.

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