In the age of vast differences, nothing brings people together quite like a shared love of pizza. There’s no shame in that either, especially with the great pizza options that Overland Park has to offer.

While BBQ may be King in Overland Park, don’t forget about one of America’s favorite foods. These top pizza places are sure to be crowd pleasers. Whether you like NY-style, Chicago-style, or something in between, you have plenty of pizza options to choose from in Overland Park.


Buffalo State Pizza & Co. – Known for their great East Coast-style pizza (and a vast beer selection) you can find Buffalo State Pizza in Downtown Overland Park. Stop by for lunch and take advantage of a slice of pizza with two toppings (don’t worry, it is giant), drink, and salad or breadstick for $9.99.

Martin City Brewing Company Pizza and Taproom – With stone-fired pizza options like the Martin City Margherita or Apples in Italy, the options of toppings run the gamut. However, if you want an insider’s recommendation, give the Heartland Chicken pizza a shot.

d’Bronx – If the name alone doesn’t give it away, d’Bronx is straight from NYC, serving up authentic NY-style pizza. If you are in town and feeding a crowd, be sure to get the 30 inch pizza so no one goes hungry. This may just be the largest pizza in Overland Park.

Minsky’s Pizza – A Overland Park staple, Minsky’s has been around since 1976. Minsky’s is known for serving their unique gourmet pizzas.  These range from a KC meat-centric Prime Cut pizza to a health conscious option (is that even a thing when talking about pizza?) in the Nature’s Choice.

Rosati’s Pizza – As soon as you walk in, you will think you have been transported back to a tiny little pizza shop in Chicago. Rosati’s has brought authentic Chicago-style pizza directly to Overland Park. Don’t go thinking you will be grabbing a table because Rosati’s is take out only.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – Kids. Love. This. Place. Adults do too, because wine, but here’s why the kids love this place. Grimaldi’s gives kids dough to play with at their table while their pizza is being prepared, getting the parent’s seal of approval.

Norcini at Strang Hall -- Experience deep, authentic Italia with seasonally cured meats and 72-hour cold fermented dough cooked to perfection. Get a large to take home or order a personal-sized to eat there. There are also kid-sized pizzas too!


Enjoying the first bite of a slice of pizza at Papa Keno's in Overland Park




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