Sweets and Treats

Candy! Cookies! Pie! Crepes! Frozen custard and Shaved Ice! Overland Park is ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! Pro tip? Pace yourself. There are a lot of desserts to conquer!
Local chocolatier icon André’s Confiserie Suisse also offers a restaurant and tea room, André’s Rivaz, in Overland Park. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and it’s imperative that you save room for dessert. A tray of dessert options is presented at the end of the meal, but we recommend the homemade Napoleon, complete with light-as-air layers of puff pastry and vanilla custard drizzled with a light fondant glaze. Browse the chocolate shop and take home some delicious souvenirs.

For a unique experience, try Thai inspired sweet treats at I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe. Owner, Anne Riensin was inspired by her trips to Thailand to bring her culture’s flavors to the U.S. Their signature honey toast and shaved ice-cream are served with compliments and positive vibes in the 143rd and Metcalf store. They were also named one of People Magazine's "Top 10 Ice-Cream shops in the U.S"! You owe it to your Instagram feed to stop and try these sweet treats!
If you love pie, make a beeline for Upper Crust Bakery in downtown Overland Park. The locally owned pie bakery is a feast for the senses: a bright, cheerful interior filled with the intoxicating aroma of warm pies fresh from the oven. Classics like Dutch apple, cherry and Dixie mingle with seasonal selections that regularly rotate. If you’re in downtown Overland Park on the third Friday of the month, swing by and enjoy a pie flight. Talk about a dinner of champions!
Sweet tooth not yet satisfied? Savor some freshly baked donuts at LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee, a Kansas City institution. Sheridan’s Unforked is part restaurant, part custard shop, so you can have lunch or dinner and dessert in one place. The same is true for Best Regards Bakery & Cafe where their cookies were featured on The Food Network, and their sandwiches and salads all have stories behind them. Be sure to check out the seasonal sweets menu for the latest and greatest. The stocked pastry case at McLain’s Market is a dessert lover’s dream—cupcakes, brownies, and pastries, oh my (plus a whole lot more). They serve breakfast and lunch, too, but we won’t judge if you go straight to dessert! Or head to nearby Leawood and enjoy the unexpected flavors at Glace Artisan Ice Cream, owned by renowned local chocolatier Christopher Elbow. Flavors include Earl Grey sriracha, lavender chocolate flake, goat cheese, cherry, and spiced carrot. Seasonal flavors rotate regularly and make the most of in-the-moment ingredients.