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Overland Park Farmers' Market

Experience community and culture in the heart of Downtown Overland Park where seasonal is a favorite food. For over 40 years, the vendors have been providing farm-to-table food at the Downtown Overland Park Farmers’ Market. The nationally-recognized market was ranked #1 in the country in 2022 and hosts 32 vendors who speak 16 different languages. You’ll find urban farmers who farm on 0.1 acres of land to farmers who farm hundreds of acres. There are first generation farmers to fourth generation farmers. 

Vendors offer shoppers a wide variety of products including fresh produce, local foods and unique specialty items. At the farmers’ market, you’ll find grass-fed meat, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and no sugar added products. You’ll also find vendors that focus on regenerative agriculture and sustainable operations. The vendors and shoppers of all races, ethnicity, religions, national origins, and sexual orientations. This diversity is what makes the Overland Park Farmers’ Market so special. 

The Overland Park Farmers’ Market hosts live music and other performing artists at the clocktower pavilion on market days throughout the season. Its season runs from approximately April through November.

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