Kansas’ second-largest city is a food-lover’s paradise with some of the best Asian food in the metro, including Chinese dim sum and all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. There’s no shortage of classic barbecue joints and fine-dining establishments either.

Overland Park boasts one of the most diverse food scenes in Kansas, with a little something for everybody, says Lucie Krisman, a reporter for the Johnson County Post.

“You can obviously find a lot of American and barbecue, but in other little pockets of Overland Park, you can find a lot of Thai, Indian, Korean, or even Ethiopian cuisine,” Krisman told KCUR’s Up To Date on Friday.

Xiao daCunha, a KCUR contributor, recommends a trip to ABC Cafe, known for serving dim sum, a traditional Chinese meal of small, shareable plates eaten for brunch — just be sure to make a reservation or call ahead on the weekend if you have a big group.

“Their menu is in Chinese and English — they’re bilingual — so there shouldn’t be any difficulty for anybody who wants to explore,” she says.

daCunha suggests starting with the Sticky Rice Lotus Leaf and the Xiao Long Bao, a small steamed soup dumpling traditionally prepared in a bamboo steaming basket.

Below, Krisman, daCunha and our listeners share the best places in Overland Park to grab a bite to eat:


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