For 2024, CoworkingCafe noticed that Overland Park continues to be a favored location for recent grads, maintaining the 4th spot among mid-sized U.S. cities. The city's strong employer-based health insurance coverage, high percentage of residents with college degrees, and growing median income make it a prime choice.

To pinpoint which cities offer college graduates the best opportunities, we examined a series of 8 metrics, which were split into 3 main categories: employment, financial, and lifestyle. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure a fair comparison, so we categorized the cities into three population brackets: small, mid-sized, and large. For more details, please check the methodology section of our study.

Here are a few highlights regarding Overland Park:

  • Overland Park maintains its position in the top 10, snatching 4th place for the second year in a row.
  • Although experiencing a drop of about 2%, Overland Park has the 4th highest percentage of people with employer-based health insurance (77.6%).
  • The city also has the 7th highest number of college graduates among the mid-sized cities analyzed, with the number of people with college degrees growing from 57.8% last year to 59.1%. The median graduate income has also seen a similar increase, going from $67,797 to $69,783.
  • Overland Park has a cost of living that is almost 8% lower than the national average, and with 246 establishments to choose from, the city offers college graduates an affordable and fun environment to thrive in.


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