Media Mentions: 10 Best Cities for Young Families

Choosing a place to live when starting a new family can be a daunting task. The best cities for young families often feature a combination of factors, including good schools, family-friendly neighborhoods, job opportunities and recreational activities. When considering a city for your family, it’s essential to weigh the options that will provide you and yours with the best quality of life.

Focusing primarily on providing in-depth college and school profiles to students and families throughout the country, Niche also analyzed and ranked the best places to live and work in the U.S., and has come up with a list of the Best Cities to Raise a Family in America, using millions of reviews and Department of Education stats.


Checkout our list of the 10 Best Cities for Young Families


10. Plano, Texas

  • Population: 282,181
  • Average Home Value: $503,025

The ninth most populous city in Texas is still on the rise. Plano has great public schools, low crime rates, affordable cost of living and family-friendly amenities — perfect for those looking to raise a family. 

9. Irvine, California

  • Population: 297,868
  • Average Home Value: $1,331,529

With a warm climate and a range of family-friendly attractions, Irvine is often considered an appealing city for young families. It has affordable housing options and a growing job market.

8. Overland Park, Kansas

  • Population: 195,249
  • Average Home Value: $423,349

Overland Park is consistently listed as one of the best places to live in America due to its relatively low cost of living and its community-oriented atmosphere. It’s a city with a unique local flavor that welcomes everyone.


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