Here’s the deal. We all know that planning a fun date weekend getaway can be a chore. There’s no reason to relive the same date every time you go out, especially with so many great date options in Overland Park.  To all the date planners out there, this is your cue to step it up a notch. Here are 5 ideas for great dates in Overland Park that will make your next date a memorable one.


Get Your Art On

Three words for you. Nerman. Kemper. Nelson. You may recognize these names as places to appreciate great works of art, but these should also be on your list of places to enjoy a great low-key date. Slow down and enjoy time with your significant other by perusing the latest exhibition.

Tour It All

No matter what your thing is, there is a tour for it in Overland Park. Beer, check. Booze, check. Wine, check. Gangsters, check. BBQ, check. But let’s remember this is a date, so make sure you think of what your partner wants to do too. (Sorry, that’s how dates work.) But good news, you can easily work two or more of these into a day.

Learn Together

There is a popular saying, “Couples that learn together, stay together.” Ok, maybe there isn’t, but it could be true! Get a hands-on experience learning how to brew beer at Brew Lab, cook a meal at The Culinary Center of Kansas City, or make your own sausage at Local Pig. These experiences will get your hands dirty and your chemistry flowing.

See A Live Show

Hit up one of the great venues in town with live entertainment. There are plenty to choose from in Overland Park. Head to the Carlsen Center for nationally touring acts or The New Theatre Restaurant for a Broadway comedy or musical. This will take the standard date of “going to a show” to the next level.

Get Competitive

Burn some energy by having a date full of games. Throw some axes at Bury the Hatchet, break out of a room at Tick Tock, or hit some golf balls at Topgolf. But, if you find yourself singing, “All I do is win!” then take a beat and remember, dates are supposed to be fun (not awkward.) 


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