There’s not much that beats the taste of a cold treat on a hot summer’s day. You are probably wondering where one would find such delicious cold treats, and that’s where we come in. We have done all of the calorie-filled legwork for you (you’re welcome!), all you have to do now is go try what we have found to be some of the best ice cream, milkshakes, and shaved ice in Overland Park and Kansas City.

The Contenders

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s the (double) scoop…

  • Freezing Moo – Originating from Thailand, these fried ice cream rolls are a must-have this summer. You’ll enjoy watching your ice cream be prepared (almost) as much as eating it! Freezing Moo is the perfect spot for a fun, kid-friendly experience as well as your daily dose of a sweet treat.
  • Snack Shack on Santa Fe – Get an “old diner” feel at this fun spot in Downtown OP. Locally famous for their rich and tasty shakes, Snack Shack is the ultimate cure for that pesky sweet tooth. Don’t leave without savoring one of their unforgettable root beer floats (yes, they are made with the famous old-time bottled root beer).
  • Tad’s - Tad’s offers over 100 flavors of shaved ice at a fun, walk-up shack. Enjoy a refreshing cold treat while you soak up the hot sun. Don’t let the flavors frighten you; Tiger’s Blood is to die for. (No tigers were harmed in the making of this treat.) Shaved ice is the cherry on top of a fun summer night!
  • Betty Rae’s – This unique ice cream spot has made a huge splash in KC|OP, becoming a local favorite. Betty Rae’s offers 24 delicious flavors that come in the form of a float, sandwich, shake and more. Try a made-from-scratch waffle cone with the toppings of your choice. Add a shot of espresso to your float or a shot of something a bit stronger to your shake (for those 21 and older, of course). For the risk-takers out there, the Goat Cheese Apricot was made for you. Don’t let the line sway your decision to stop at Betty Rae’s; it’s well worth the wait!
  • I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe – Go for the shaved ice cream and stay for the honey toast. If you haven't had honey toast before stop reading right now and head the I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe right now. There is no other description for this other than life changing.

And The Winner Is

Waffle cones at Betty Rae's in Overland Park

While this was no easy decision to come to, the unofficial winner of the best cold treats in KC | OP goes to Betty Rae’s.

Their creativity shines through in all of the flavors they are scooping. There’s something sweet on the menu for all types of eaters, so rest assured everyone in your group will enjoy their treat. If you’re like me, then you have a tough time deciding whether you want something fruity or chocolaty. Thankfully, Betty Rae’s combined the two and created just the treat for us indecisive ones: the Chocolate Berry Much. Flavors with coffee or flavors with liquor, this ice cream shop is an unforgettable experience for any occasion.

Long, hard work went into coming to this conclusion and it was a close battle to the end. Although Betty Rae’s may be the unofficial winner, all of the contenders put up a tough fight. With that being said, it is crucial you try them all out for yourself on your next trip to Overland Park.

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