A foodie is interested in food not only because they’re hungry but also because they made a hobby out of food.

Who hasn’t made a hobby out of food? There’s a foodie in all of us, especially on vacation. Sleep, play, and eat are the three pillars to a good vacation. Every vacation is a foodie vacation, right? Overland Park has its fair share of really good chefs. Some restaurants are an obvious must-try – looking at you Q39 and Jack Stack. And some are a hidden-in-a-strip-mall must-try.

Asking a local is a good way to turn a vacation into a foodie vacation. Or you can take our word – we’re locals too.



Welcome to Abol, a cherished family-owned Ethiopian gem nestled in the heart of Downtown Overland…

Brobecks BBQ

Taste traditional Kansas City BBQ with a twist - with no sauce! Using their specialty dry rub, you…


Sawa Sushi & Hibachi specializes in traditional and contemporary sushi and Japanese cuisine. Each…

Elsa’s Ethiopian – No silverware allowed. This is a style of food where it’s preferred that you eat with your hands. This quaint Ethiopian family-owned restaurant is in Downtown Overland Park. Ethiopian cuisine is served on platters of injera bread and no utensils. It’s also the perfect spot for vegetarians. There are many vegetarian options and one of the most popular dishes is the vegetarian platter with a variety of lentils. It’s not all vegetarian. There are meat dishes, too. The whole menu pairs well with their honey wine.

Cozy’s Café – Brunch-goers! This one is for you. Cozy’s Café is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot in Downtown Overland Park. The made-from-scratch recipes and hand-selected ingredients fuses American and Mediterranean. Try the seasonal pancakes, prosciutto benedict, or baklava. Or maybe the breakfast tartine and crepes. Too many good ones to choose so we’ll leave the menu up to you.

Brobecks Barbecue – It’s no secret that we’re known for our barbecue. But this barbecue restaurant serves barbecue with a twist. They swear good barbecue doesn’t need to be covered in sauce. Good barbecue should be as good as the meat itself. Using their specialty dry rub, you can't go wrong with the ribs. Okay, okay – if you really want the sauce, try the House Carolina Mustard sauce.

Clock Tower Bakery – Say it with us, “Just a spot a tea!” The not-so-hidden location of Clock Tower Bakery is under the Overland Park Clock Tower. But it’s here where you can find one of the more unique dining experiences. You can schedule an English Afternoon Tea, served with fresh-baked bread, mini sausage rolls, roasted vegetable pin wheels and other traditional English desserts. Wanting some American food? They also swear by their made-from-scratch pizza. That’s American, right?

Sawa Sushi and Hibachi – Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Sawa Sushi & Hibachi is in a small strip mall. They specialize in traditional and contemporary sushi and Japanese cuisine. The chefs don’t slip on attention to detail. Who doesn’t love a flower atop their sushi? Sawa is said to be the best sushi in not just Overland Park but in Kansas City. The servers work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with your meal and will give you their suggestions if you ask. If you ask us, get the sweetheart roll - soy paper with crunch, spicy tuna, and avocado. Tuna and spicy mayo on top. And try the Gyoza, pan-fried pork dumplings! Perfection.  


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