Looking for a healthy meal while in Overland Park but don’t know where to turn? We have scoured the city to find some of the best salads. Check out our list below of the four best places to get a salad in Overland Park.


The Contenders

Many can create a salad, but few can do it right. The one biggest pitfall of salads is still being hungry once your salad is gone. At these four restaurants you won’t have that problem. These salads are not only delicious, but will definitely leave you satisfied.


Unforked – Known for using fresh and local ingredients, you can always expect a delicious salad at Unforked. The two staples on their salad menu include Hail The Kale and Harvest Crunch, but don’t forget to see what salad is on their seasonal menu. And then offset your healthy meal with some frozen custard.

The Mixx – The Mixx screams healthy eating, from their bright and clean interior to their fun, but healthy takes on salads. You can find your classic Caesar Salad or Greek salad here or one of their more popular salads like the Rocket Salad or Knife and Fork Salad. (I will be completely honest, I see no reason to order anything other than The Rocket Salad every time I go.)

McLain’s Market – Even though McLain’s Market would usually be classified as a bakery, they can still put together some mean salads. The Waldo Cobb Salad is so good it even has a neighborhood named after it, or is it named after the neighborhood?

Spin Pizza – I know what you are thinking, “Why are they telling me to go to a pizza place for a salad?” The reason is because the Sonoma Salad is so good, people have been known to go here AND NOT EVEN GET PIZZA.


And The Winner Is

Gluten Free Salad From The Mixx Overland Park

The results are in, the unofficial winner of the best place to get a salad in Overland Park goes to The Mixx. With more than 12 specialty salads on the menu (as well as the option to create your own) there is no wrong choice. Eating at The Mixx will not only taste great, it will leave you feeling great as well.