No one wants to hear that summer is over. Unless you’re a parent. Admit it – at least a part of you is relieved to see your kids holding their grade sign in front of the door.The “I’m bored!” “Can I have a snack?” and “Can we go to the pool?” end. At least until next summer, anyway.

With school comes the routine and structure. And let’s just call it as it is – the kids are gone. You don’t need to wait until the sun goes down to have a date. Wave goodbye to the kids, let your boss know you’re taking PTO, and just go! Overland Park is home to some awesome day date options.


Be a kid again with waffles and board games at Cardboard Corner Café

If you forgot to grab yourself a PopTart after throwing the kids one, don’t worry. This adorable little nook will take care of you. Cardboard Corner Café serves coffee, tea, cocktails, and waffles. Oh, the waffles. Let us guess -- one of you likes savory and one of you likes sweet? Got it. Savory can choose from waffles such as Chicken and Waffles or a Pizza Waffle. And the sweet one, choose from Lemon Blueberry Waffle or S’mores Waffle. The waffles menu is endless. 

But there’s something much cooler about the Cardboard Café. It’s perfect for a day date because of the hundreds of board games available to use for free. One of you will be the winner and the winner gets a week off from the dishes. Or the winner gets to choose what you watch on Netflix for a week. Winner must drive home. Whatever your betting heart desires, board games are not just for kids. You’re also allowed to bring in your own games, too. It’s quite the date spot for drinks, food, and the battle of the dishes.

  • 9240 Metcalf Ave.
  • (913) 283-7081

With hundreds of board games to select from, this is a fun spot to gather with friends and family. Their waffle selection is almost as expansive, with everything from standard, to chicken and waffles to pizza waffles, and a bar.

What’s a day date without a trip to Aubrey Vineyards

Yep, no kids here! At least, not YOUR kids. Pretend you’re in Napa and spend a few hours at Aubrey Vineyards on your day date. Don’t forget your phones, you’ll need pictures in front of the adorable patio outside of the giant red barn. Then put your phone down and enjoy the great outdoors, walking the vineyards. Or just get to what you came there to do -- 

Inside the red barn is the wine bar tasting room. Take a seat at the wine bar and choose from over 15 wines that are available for tastings or by the glass. Grab a glass of your favorite and head out to one of the best patios in Overland Park. Be sure to order the charcuterie-style snacks including meats, cheeses, olives and crackers to snack on. There are also sweet treat options as well. Reservations are recommended so book online before you go! Don’t forget that phone to capture the beauty. Forget the kids.

  • 16350 Kenneth Road
  • (913) 909-2926

From the Heart of the Midwest on approximately 200 acres in South Overland Park lies OP's only winery. As you drive thru the vineyard towards The Vineyard Tasting Room, you’ll think you’ve left Overland Park behind and driven to Napa.

Throw axes at Bury the Hatchet

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition in a relationship. There’s also nothing like dressing up in flannel and letting your inner lumberjack throw axes. Not at each other, of course. Bury the Hatchet is a 7,200 square foot axe throwing range. Take turns throwing axes at the wooden bullseye to see who is the better lumberjack. Loser cleans the toilets at home. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never thrown an ax before! No experience necessary. The axes are very real but the staff at Bury the Hatchet are there to assist and teach you. The secret is in your form, not your strength. Bury the Hatchet allows you to bring your own beer and wine if you choose. You’re also welcome to bring in your own food. Make sure you reserve your spot online and wear shoes that cover the toes! It’s not a flip-flop kind of place.


  • 7105 W. 105th Street
  • (913) 218-0945

Whether you're looking for a fun place to hold your corporate event or just looking to have a good time, Bury the Hatchet is the place to be! Their 7,200 square foot axe throwing range opened their new location in Overland Park. BYOB and food and gather family and friends to…

Celebrate your love with food at The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Here’s a recipe for romance. The Culinary Center of Kansas City is every cook’s dream store. You’ll find a kitchen shop when you walk in but in the back is where the magic happens – a top-of-the-line kitchen. The Culinary Center of Kansas City holds hundreds of classes each year. Classes are taught by seasoned instructors and chefs from around Kansas City. There are summer camps for kids (not this time, they’re in school!), team-building event classes, and couples cooking classes that keep The Culinary Center of KC a local favorite. But if you want to spend a day date here – there’s a catch. You’ll need to grab a few extra couples and make it a parents group day date. It won’t be hard to find a few extra friends. Couples’ classes are offered in the evenings and weekends but you can reserve a time during the weekday with a group. Whether you’re new to cooking or want to learn some tips, classes are hands-on and fun. The classes cover a range of dishes and techniques: Knife Skills 101, Seasonal Pies, The Art of Making Gnocchi. There’s a class for everyone. And what do they say?  The stomach is the way to the heart? Well in this case, it is.

  • 7920 Santa Fe Drive
  • (913) 341-4455

What was once a buggy barn in the historic Downtown Overland Park is now a beautifully renovated culinary mecca with two state-of-the-art cooking studios in a homey environment. The Culinary Center of Kansas City hosts over 600 cooking classes each year. Led by experienced…

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