We were shocked to find out the average child spends SEVEN hours a day in front of a screen, but only 4-7 minutes playing outdoors.Overland Park wants you to disconnect from your devices and connect to what matters most: each other. So, we made it easy. Here are seven outdoor activities to do with your kids on your next visit to Overland Park.  

(Pro tip: turn your phone to ‘airplane mode’ – capture all the smiles, but disconnect from calls, texts and browsing.)  


Notice: Topgolf Overland Park is temporarily closed for renovations (new ball dispensers, turf, bar…

Roe Park

With more than 40 acres of land that this park covers, there is plenty to do. Bring clothes that…

McLain's Market

Go-to spot for breakfast, lunch and appetizers with a patio, Kansas City-local coffee, beer and…

Zip KC

Over a mile of zip lining reaching speeds of nearly 55 mph! Our Kansas City Zip Line tours start off…


  1. Play the rainbow game at the Overland Park Arboretum. What can you find that is red? A rose, a robin, the tongue of a frog? Move on to orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Every breath-taking bit of nature earns #nofilter.  

  1. Count the number of squirrels, rabbits and other furry creatures you encounter on the Indian Creek bike & hike trails. Walk, ride or dance along on the urban trail that passes right through Overland Park.  

  1. Hit the bullseye at Topgolf. Toddler and junior clubs are available for kiddos that want to get in on the fun. Your Mindcraft competitive drive has nothing on this activity for all ages, and all abilities.     

  1. Soak up some fun at Roe Park Splash Pad. Swing by McLain’s Market drive-thru for coffee and head to our family-favorite park offering more than the standard playground. The kid-activated fountains and age-appropriate playsets offer hours of smiles, free of charge!   

  1. Play a round. The City of Overland Park owns & operates two public, tree-lined golf courses. Both are among the most popular in the region. Phones down, tees up!

  1. In nearby Bonner Springs, Zip KC sets you soaring 65 feet in the air, looking down to see the tops of trees. Soar at speeds up to 50 mph. (That’s 1000x the rate you scroll through the 'gram.)  

  1. Gone fishing. Poles available to rent at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. This well-stocked pond is perfectly positioned for a day fishing, followed by ice cream and quality time with over 250 birds & farm animals.