My family loves to visit the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. It's one of my children's favorite places to go! You'll find that it is the perfect place for any child to explore - no matter their age or personality (my children vary considerably). Here's a look at Deanna Rose through my children's eyes. Paisley, my nine year old, first born daughter, is very thoughtful and obedient. She's also an animal lover. She enjoys going to the farm to see all the different animals. Deanna Rose Farmstead has over 200 animals and birds to visit. She is very calm and happy to visit everything along the way to her favorite parts.




Jarom, my six year old middle child, at first thought his favorite thing was milking the "cow," but once we got inside the Farmstead he also remembered the pedal tractors, the play area and the ice cream. Jarom likes to hurry along to his favorite parts and wishes to skip his not favorite parts, unfortunately the parts he wants to skip are someone else's favorite, so he begrudgingly participates.




Eli, my baby, is two years old. He loves to explore everything and has one pace - FAST! Most of the time we just try to keep up with him at his pace. He loves everything about Deanna Rose Farmstead. When we walk in we run to the chickens, he likes to color the chalk boards in the Schoolhouse, then we run from teepee to teepee. He does need some help with the pedal tractors so only rides them for a few minutes. He likes to chase the ducks near the pond and would jump in if we let him. He really enjoys ice cream time. The play equipment is so fun since it is made just for kids his age. I LOVE that. His favorite part for sure is feeding the goats, as I go through a small fortune getting tons of feed during our visit. I love how much he loves to visit. He loves exploring all these new things. He is so excited about the world and experiencing all he can. I like that Deanna Rose Farmstead provides him a lot of new exploring experiences.




No matter the age or personality, there is something magical about walking through The Farmstead barn and being taken back to a time gone by. Everyone will find something to love! ~Stefanie


Stefanie is a wife and Mom to these three cute kids. Her family currently lives in Grain Valley, MO. You can keep up with Stefanie and her blog Making of a Mom where she blogs about family travel, crafts, recipes and family life.