Cooler weather, plans to check out the latest fall festival and your favorite coffee shops posting their seasonal drink menus are all signs that Fall is here! So we were curious… What are the best places to get your favorite seasonal drinks, like pumpkin spice latte, in Overland Park, Kansas?

Through extensive research (aka trying all the Fall drinks we could find in Overland Park), we narrowed down the list to some of the best places to get your cozy Fall coffee. And have no fear, no matter where you’re staying in Overland Park, there’s a place nearby!

Homer's Coffee ShopHomer's Coffee House

You can’t go wrong with an Overland Park staple like Homer’s Coffee.  Right in downtown Overland Park, you plan to stop by on your way to the Overland Park Farmers Market. The S’mores Mocha was calling our name and it did not disappoint.  In case you aren’t much of a coffee person, they also have Caramel Apple Cider on their seasonal menu. We also highly recommend getting their amazing quiche or their delicious coffee cake with your drink.

Other options to try: Peach Cobbler Latte

Summer Moon CoffeeSummer Moon

This coffee shop makes the top of our list because we cannot resist their sweet cream moon milk. We went with the classic Autumn Moon Latte which combines moon milk with all the best Autumn spices and it tastes like your coziest Fall sweater in a cup.  

Other options to try: Cinnamoon Latte

Pilgrim CoffeePilgrim Coffee

Right in the heart of Overland Park is Pilgrim Coffee.  We recommend checking them out for all the Fall flavorings that are made in-house! We tried the Pumpkin Spice Chai and can attest their homemade syrups live up to the hype. 

Other options to try: Maple Brown Sugar Chai or the Tumeric Ginger Tonic (if you’re not feeling coffee or tea)

Jinkies - Pumpkins Spice
Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout

Honestly, hangout is right. We went in at 4 pm on a Saturday assuming we’d be alone and the place was packed. Their super funky vibe and creative drink menu already have us wanting to go back again. We tried the iced Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice and it might have been one of our favorites. It's even topped with mini marshmallows. This is also a great place for those staying in South Overland Park.

Other options to try: Their seasonal menu has 8(!) different options to try including the Goo-Goo Muck (pumpkin cookie butter latte) and the Witches Brew (Elderflower and Pear Latte).


mclain marketMcLains Market

This place is a Kansas City classic and we’re so glad they have an Overland Park location that makes it easy for us to get our McLains fix. We tried the Salted Caramel cold foam cold brew, which is just as tasty as it sounds. Pro-tip - don’t forget to grab a cinnamon roll to pair with your drink and some cupcookies to go.

Other options to try: Pumpkin spice cold foam cold brew


7 brew coffee

7 Brew

This is the perfect on-the-go coffee stop.  On your way to the office? Kids in the car that you don’t want to shuffle out? We tried the iced Cinnamon Roll Breve and it was a great sweet treat to start the day. They also sell muffin tops that are so tasty. Pro tip: grab coffee, a muffin top and take your kids to the park for a great morning. 

Other options to try: Snickerdoodle Mocha Chiller

parisiParisi Cafe

Last but not least, another Kansas City coffee classic that has a beautiful location right in downtown OP, Parisi Cafe.  Their spicy mocha puts a cayenne twist on the classic mocha and offers you all the coffee flavor you didn’t know you needed.

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