You are on it. You read all the gift guides, marked sales on your calendar and can picture every important person in your life filled with joy when they open your gift.

Did you forget anyone? No, not you. You got this. 

Are you sure? Now there’s some doubt.

Check our holiday gift guide for the random people you may have missed. And good news! We have the perfect gift for them.


Your Nephew's Girlfriend

He said he'll break up with her after the holidays, but before Valentine's Day. Regardless, she'll be opening presents with you this holiday season. Give her a gift that says, I acknowledge you.

Leather key chain ring from Frankie & Jules




Your Behind-The-House Neighbor
Mistaken Lyric Coasters from The General Store

He doesn't mention the state of your yard. He's looked the other way for months, so give him a gift that says, Thank you for accepting me and my yard.

Mistaken Lyric Cork Coasters from The General Store

(Hit me with your best shot // Do a little dance, make a little rum. Italian Ice! Italian Ice!)




Your Sunday Amazon Prime Driver

There's no shame in it, we know her. The Amazon driver is out on Sunday delivering your LOL Doll for next-day delivery. (Yes, that is a best-selling item on Amazon. I looked it up.) Give her a gift that says, Thank you for not judging me.

Festive Kansas City Socks from Made in KC




Your Kindergartener's Best Friend of The Week

It's Monday, and it's the day you find out your son's latest BFF. Be ready for your kid's flavor of the week with a gift that says, you are so special - right now.

LEGO Penguin Holiday Ornament from the LEGO store at Oak Park Mall




Your Office IT Tech

He guided you through your worst technological crisis. Give him the gift that says, Thanks for the IT (and emotional) support.

High Maintenance Planter with Cactus from Upper Crust Bakery & Pie Shop Downtown Overland Park




The 19th holiday exchange you didn’t see comingplowboys sampler rub set

Did you forget to read the fine print on the neighborhood, office, running club or church choir holiday party invite? It says, “Bring a gift under $25.” You didn’t forget, you stocked up on a gift that says, everyone loves local BBQ. 

 Plowboys sampler rub set

Need more shopping ideas? There are plenty of options in Overland Park. You can stroll through the shops in Downtown Overland Park, stop by Prairiefire, or stay indoors and hit up Oak Park Mall.