2024 is here which means it’s the perfect time to set new goals for the new year. Thankfully Overland Park is filled with places perfect for helping you reach those resolutions. Join me as I check out a few places that align with my new year goals of wellness, developing a new hobby, and spending more time with loved ones!

Wellness Goals: Very Well KC


Health and Wellness is always on the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. Taking care of my body and mind has become such a priority and I want to build on the habits I’ve created. I decided to try out something that was focused on physical and mental well-being, an infrared sauna session.

I’ve had a few sauna sessions at different places before, but I was surprised by how spa-like my session at Very Well KC was. There was calming music, lighting, plush towels, water, and my favorite mini fridge filled with complementary cool lavender towels and wellness shots for after the session. The Sauna Itself is amazing, it is very comfortable and you can even customize your experience by adjusting the sound and light colors. They even have a  “light color menu” that gives some benefits of each colored light.

Infrared Saunas have many benefits such as muscle relaxation and improved skin. I plan to keep up this treat of enjoying an infrared sauna session throughout the year. Very Well KC offers many different packages for purchasing sauna sessions.

They also are known for a multitude of services like yoga, massage, and, acupuncture so be sure to check those out as well. 

Very Well KC

The goal of developing a new skill: Family Tree Nursery


I love taking on new hobbies, so of course learning a new skill of some sort was going to be on my list. In 2023 I’ve had this pull to start a garden. I unfortunately don’t currently have the space or the knowledge for one just yet, so I figured let’s start small and learn to keep a plant alive first.

Thank goodness for Family Tree Nursery because this is a dream for current plant lovers or those who want to be a plant lover like me. They have such a wide selection of plants, flowers, trees, herbs, pots, and more. Their staff is also super knowledgeable and will assist you with any questions you have. 

I think my favorite thing I discovered while visiting Family Tree Nursery is the planting bench. You select a plant, I went with the classic Philodendron, then select the perfect pot, and take it over to the planting bench where a team member will pot it for you and give you the scoop on caring for your plant.

The bonus of visiting Family Tree Nursery is the Equinox Cafe. Grab a yummy beverage, I highly recommend the sparking Matcha Limeade, and enjoy the cozy warmth of the greenhouse.

Family Tree Nursery - Lexi St. John

The goal of spending more time with loved ones: Craft Putt


I want to spend more meaningful time with my loved ones this year. I know throughout the year we get lost in the crazy schedules, so I want to make sure I set aside time to spend time with my favorite people and maybe check out a new spot while doing it. 

Craft Putt had been on my list for so long.  it’s a 10-hole mini golf taphouse and it is such a fun spot for a date night or family day out. My boyfriend and I went on a Saturday and it was great because we got to be up interacting rather than our typical nights out where we just sit at a table eating and drinking. The competition part was also something we really enjoyed. 

Of course, while you’re putting through the different obstacles you might need a drink and snack break. We grabbed a local beer and seltzer to pair with the loaded cart nachos. 

Craft Putt

Craft Putt also has tons of awesome events and specials throughout the week such as Tuesday’s Taco & Trivia, music bingo, and Thursday's Date Night special where you can get 2 rounds of golf with 2 drinks for $20!

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be Overland Park is filled with plenty of local spots to help you achieve them. I’m so excited to continue to visit these businesses and more throughout the year. Be sure to check out all 3 of these locations and many other awesome places in Overland Park in 2024.