Should we stay or should we go?

Overland Park is #4 on Expedia’s list of top Staycations for 2019. (Hold the applause, please.)

This has us thinking…  Everything that makes Overland Park a great vacation destination, also makes it a great place for locals to enjoy their own city.

Expedia surveyed 1,001 American travelers. (Was the extra person just what they needed to validate the findings? Maybe.) Nearly 40% take one staycation each year and over 20% take two. When over half of Americans aren’t using the vacation days, a staycation may be just what we all need to disconnect and recharge.

The article showed love for Overland Park’s indie businesses and community ties. We couldn’t agree more. Some of our favorite local shopping experiences are at Threshing Bee, Frankie & Jules, Ensemble and Kindred.  


Expedia shouted-out a few of our favorite local eateries with Louie’s Wine Dive and McLain’s Market for brunch and lunch. We’d add Q39 to that list to balance your visit with barbecue.


And what to do when you aren’t shopping or eating? Disconnect from your phone and connect with your family at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Deanna Rose Farmstead and the Museum at Prairiefire. Your kids – and kids at heart – will forget about the latest YouTube craze when they are discovering bugs, petting goats and gazing up at the first complete Tyrannosaurs Rex ever assembled.


Staycation, vacation or just killing a few hours – I bet you’ll find something you didn’t expect in Overland Park.