We’ve shared guides for our sports visitors, summer road trippers, and even the pickleball-obsessed. Now, it’s time to address the thrill seekers. If your version of fun involves an adrenaline boost, check out these Overland Park spots!

Up in the Air!

Let’s begin with adventures involving some height. First up is iFLY for indoor skydiving! iFLY’s state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels are safe for ages 3 and up, and all ability levels. Stick around after your flight to see some crazy moves in the tunnel from iFLY instructors, too. 

If a free fall feeling isn’t your thing, head to Scheels for a ride on the famous 65-foot Ferris Wheel! You can check out the 16,000-gallon overhead aquarium, too. 

Battle of the Games!

For feats of mental aptitude, there are plenty of places to put your problem-solving skills to the test. Tick Tock and Mastermind are two favorite escape room spots, each offering multiple rooms with timed challenges and multiple themes. Game rooms at both can accommodate up to 10 players; grab your friends and race against the clock to escape!

BRKTHROUGH is another social gaming destination designed for teams of 2-4. More than 35 games are spread across BRKTHROUGH’s 22,000-square-foot space. The games are fast-paced and a combination of physical, mental, and skill-based challenges. 

For more of the classic gaming experience, no place does it better than Dave & Buster’s. But if you’ve ever dreamed of being on a game show, Game Show Battle Rooms is a must! This new game show-inspired experience is perfect for facing off against friends and family, and great for larger groups. Players can choose between a Classic or Primetime Showdown experience, both featuring multiple games and tests of skill. 

Athletic Adventures

Topgolf and Bury the Hatchet are top spots for putting athletic skills to the test. The variety of games at Topgolf offer something for every level of skill. At Bury the Hatchet, visitors can try their hand at axe throwing. Each throwing range offers multiple lanes for groups wanting to set up a friendly competition, too.

Chill Thrill

For an adrenaline boost that’s a bit more relaxed, head to the theater for a thrilling movie! The RealD 3D experience at B&B Theaters offers an unparalleled viewing adventure, giving moviegoers a chance to physically feel a sense of what’s happening on screen.

You can also check out AMC at Prairiefire for a dine-in theater experience! With extra-wide rows and superior sound, it’s perfect for grabbing dinner and getting an adrenaline rush in style at the movies.  
Whether you prefer your thrills in a flight suit or with a side of popcorn, we can’t wait to see where your Overland Park adventures take you!


Frustration Reliever

If you have so much anger and frustration built up inside of you that you want to punch a wall.  Take all of that adrenaline inside of you and smash your rage at the new Super Smash KC. You can smash and break various sizes of items from cups to plates all the way up to furniture and chairs. 

Super Smash


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