We’ve crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s, and by that, I mean we’ve ridden, tasted, flown and meticulously combed through Overland Park’s greatest attractions and experiences to bring you this Ultimate Overland Park Bucket List. Find out your Overland Park score by adding up how many you have done, and then add the rest to your bucket list.



  1. Bottle feed a baby goat at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.
  2. Belly up to the counter for an old-fashioned milk shake from the Snack Shack on Santa Fe.
  3. Breathe in the buttery smells at The Upper Crust and try a melt in your mouth pie flight.
  4. Make your own virtual dinosaur at Museum at Prariefire.
  5. Pose for your best insta-worthy picture at Wonder Wonder.
  6. Take a selfie with Monet’s statue at the Arboretum & Botanical Garden.
  7. Ride the indoor Ferris wheel at Scheels.
  8. Skydive at iFly without jumping out of a plane.
  9. Take on a real golfer – and win – at Topgolf.
  10. Hit the Farmers' Market for a bouquet of fresh flowers and a dog from Wiener Kitchen.
  11. Have a picnic at Roe Park while the kids climb all over the playground.
  12. See the ‘Sound Suits’ at the Nerman Museum of Art.
  13. Try at least 3 different competition barbecued meats at Q39.
  14. Walk back in time at the Johnson County Museum through their 1950’s all Electric House.
  15. Get your hike on through the woods on Indian Creek Trail.


What’s your Overland Park score?


11 and above = Basically a local

6-10 = Seasoned adventurer

5 and below = Time to plan your trip to Overland Park